Space bar, a key in a keyboard found in the lowermost row. It is significant in making transitions, in giving proper space and highlight to each typed word, and in determining when to stop or to pause. Metaphorically, it refers to the extended change of learning modality beyond bar.

Because of the pandemic, almost everything went entirely online including the delivery and availment of basic services. It has brought an abrupt change in our educational system. Chalkboard is now replaced with a virtual learning system all run via internet connectivity. Activities run by the traditional learning spaces are now computer-generated and “modules” has gained popularity almost like an instant celebrity.

But how about our Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL). How will they continue their pursuit for education now that their ALS teachers couldn’t enter our jail facilities due to total lockdown? Of course we will find ways to address this predicament just like we always do. And so, through the help and heartwarming support from Alternative Learning System (ALS) – DepEd and the Local Government Unit (LGU) of El Salvador City headed by Mayor Edgar S. Lignes, El Salvador City Jail is now able to give its PDL the opportunity to continue learning via online platform.

Now, nine (9) male PDL are receiving their elementary and secondary education via distant learning module. This is a solid manifestation that the Jail Bureau truly puts premium in the education of its clientele to help them in their eventual reintegration in the mainstream society. With this genuine desire to help the PDL, we are overwhelmed by the support that we are receiving from ALS-DepEd, the LGU and other stakeholders. Without these people we can’t go further in our endeavor to help our PDL. Indeed, we are all in this together.