In observance of the enforced health protocols due to COVID-19 pandemic, EnLEx shall be conducted online which is scheduled from February 1, 2021 to March 6, 2021. Said examination shall compose of the following:
Part I. General Information 20%
Part II. Mathematics 20%
Part III. Basic English and Grammar 30%
Part IV. Sentence arrangement and
Paragraph completion 20%
Part V. Essay 10%
Total 100%
Attire: White Round Shirt paired with Maong Pants and white rubber shoes.
Both orientation (via zoom) and examination link shall be sent to your respective Email address. Examinees are allowed to use your desktops, laptops or even smartphones provided that these devices have microphones and video recording features as well as an updated Google Chrome application. Likewise, a by batch orientation shall be conducted to discuss the step-by-step procedures regarding the accessibility of the examination, rules, and etiquette.
Further, JO1 applicants who are Registered Criminologists are exempted to take the EnLEx to adhere the provision of RA 11131; and those non-Criminologists who already took said exam from previous years shall also be exempted from taking the same.
Attached list is the schedule of the first batch who will undergo Entry Level Examination and Orientation .
Please be guided accordingly .