Throughout the challenges being faced by the nation in dealing with the global pandemic, the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology has continued its efforts to increase the manpower and strength of its personnel by accepting applications that will help in uplifting and boosting the workforce of the Bureau through the Jail Officer 1 Recruitment for Regular Quota CY 2021.

To facilitate maximum recruitment turn out, intensified campaign through all social media platforms for public awareness were conducted. Further, for the first time ever, this region has established an online portal for electronic submission of applications through online form via This innovation and initiative not only addresses measures in mitigating personal contact between recruitment officers and applicants, it also provides system for self-assessment on the qualifications and documentary requirements in the application process, and at the same time, an opportunity to pool diverse professionals and more interested applicants to join the noble ranks in jail service.

 As of January 05, 2021, a total of 411 successful submissions has been received through the online portal. Final submission of application is set on January 15, 2021 in preparation for the next phase of the recruitment process which is  the Entry Level Examination (EnLex) to be announced soon. All applicants went through the Initial Medical Evaluation as scheduled in batches. Strict minimum health protocols were implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19, like social distancing and wearing of face masks and face shields.

With the goal of addressing the growing concern of Jail Management and Penology, the Bureau will continue to seek applicants who are qualified to be part of the institution. That will also contribute towards the betterment of the Bureau and more valuable service to the public.